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Sunpod 150W HQI fixture


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I'm contemplating to try out MH and see what it does for my acroporas. Coming from a teklight t-5 HO in my 20G regular, I would like to see what MH can do for my SPS. So the question really is, has anyone ever used the current usa sunpod 150W? I am seeing that lots of people have problems with firing up the bulbs and all, but when it actually works, how is the lighting?


Would the 150W HQI be strong enough for my acroporas? They have no problem with the Teklight, I just want to see if I can get even more growth out of them.


I am wary of the 14,000 K HQI bulb as I would much rather have a 10,000 K for the acroporas. Anyone use this fixture with SPS? Let me know what your experiences are and if the Sunpod is actually strong enough for acroporas. Thanks!

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