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add fish together or one at a time?


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I think I'm getting close to being ready to add my fish. Cleanup crew have been in 2 weeks algae is getting smaller and smaller and more importantly nitrate and ammonia levels have stayed at 0. Water changes are going well and everything seems to be coming along. I have read conflicting things but it seems fish are better to add fish then corals later. If you disagree feel free to say so because I certainly am not sure.


I have a 15 gallon tank so i'm thinking 2 fish and a shrimp, maybe a 3rd one later if I have a skimmer but probably just 2 and I'll get a bigger tank at a later time. I know I deffinatly want a clownfish, I'm leaning towards pairing it with a royal gramma however I'm still considering a firefish but that would mean a cover. Any other suggestions are welcome. I am thinking a colourfull fish however I really like banggaii cardinals but that would mean no shrimp and i'm guessing it would eat my hermits as well? Anyway should I add them both at the same time or put one in first wait a few weeks or however long then add the 2nd? thanks

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Add the fish one at a time.


Just a quick tip: When you do add the second fish make sure you change around the rock so that the first fish doesn't think it's his home anymore. If you do not change the rock there is a chance that the first fish will become very territorial when you put the second in. And he will probably pick on the new guy (if the rocks arn't changed).


I hope this helps!

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