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24 Gal DX Nano Hood Lighting Won't Turn On


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I have a 24DX Nano that has been set up for 3.5 weeks. Today I went to turn on the hood stock lighting from the main remote ballast on/off swith. When all of a sudden the lights in the hood just went out. Thinking it was the fuse that blew out I replaced it with a new fuse. I Plugged the cord back into the electrical outlet after replacing the fuse and still I have no lights or cooling fans come on.


Does anyone please know what the problem might be. By the way lights were working fine last night before I turn off for the night and left the moonlight on and turned off this morning.




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sounds like a bad ballast.


Today I went to the JBJ Headquaters in Inglewood, CA near LAX. Sure enough problem for lights going out on the hood was because of bad wiring. JBJ replaced the defective hood with a new one. I even got to tour the facility where the put together the Nano cubes. There is alot of stuff coming out for the Nano cubes that will hit the market in the near future.

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