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Any small sand shifters for a 4gallon?


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Are there any small sand shifters that will fit nicely and would not look overly large in a 4gallon.


I have tried those little mini or what ever hermit crabs, but they don't shift at all, they just climb.

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I have 3 Nassarius snails and 2 ceriths in my 7mb. The nass really only are active when they are hungry and looking for food, or I just put in some food and they are scavenging. The ceriths are a bit larger but I see them eating everything, and go from rock to glass to sandbed. I will probably get one more nassarius since they stay small, but if you rarely feed your tank, I wouldn't get too many of them since I've really only seen them go for food, rather than algae. Ceriths are great IMO, but seem to have a dormant period where they are in the sand for a week or so, then are out for another week or so. Hope this helps.


PS There are two types of ceriths, mine aren't the ones pictured. They have a black shell with white spots. I think they are caribbean since the pic in the link says mexico.





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