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I need HELP with My skimmer PLEASE.............


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I have a Jebo Skimmer and the Darn thing Overflowed twice on me today. Do all skimmers run the risk of overflowing and flooding your living room? It seems very un-reliable....and it seems that one little thing can send gallons of water into my living room. Is there somehting wrong with my skimmer or are all skimmers this dangerous? It always seemed very un-reliable and I always had the fear that the water would spew out.

It seems it overflowed within an hour.........Next thing I know I have a mess of water on my floor.



And I know that Jebo Skimmers aint the best but this is really frustrating that the skimmer is this bad.................


Any ideas that can fix it?


Pictures are below. :angry:


IT also floods from the top as well.


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