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Clam not attaching to arylic.


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My clam was attached to a piece of live rock but the flat rock broke in half so I cut the clams threads off from the rock. Like 2-3 weeks later my clam still hasn't attached to a piece of arcylic. Can clams attach to arcylic or is there something wrong.

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I was reading the info on clamsdirect.com and remember seeing somewhere that cutting or ripping them from rocks can cause bacterial infection in the feet which will result in deaths. I'll try to find where is was, if I can't check clamsdirect.com in the forums. I know it was there somewhere, probably in the FAQs or Important Links section.


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To cut the byssal threads of a clam is completely fine (if you research tridacnid clams...that is the way to detach them from rocks without injuring them...see Delbeek & Sprun, Vol. I). As long as you didn't cut the actual foot (byssal gland), and only the threads, it should be fine. Try a small piece of LR...or put some gravel underneath to allow it to attach to both the gravel/live sand and the acrylic (it might fool the clam to have some sand underneath...it would throw some byssal threads, and then attach to the acrylic).

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