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jalli mini-cubes!


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See them at www.all-aquatics.com

I'd post a link, but the way the site is set up it stays at the all-aquatics url all of the time.

Click on aquariums and you will see them.

They're rounded glass corner cubes in 4,6,8 and 11 gallon sizes.

the 4 gallon has 18 watts PC, the 6 gallon 24 watts PC, and the 8 and 11 have 55 watt pc quads! They look nice. I'm thinking about buying one myself...a tad bit pricy, but they look pretty good. It seems like Jalli is really starting to wander into the Nano-reefing sector, especially with the 30 gallon cubes people have been talking about. Check them out.

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