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I wanted to use a HOB skimmer on a 20L sump because I didn't want to lose the space needed for an in-sump model and the Remora Pro seemed to fit my needs the best. Wanted to use all available space for live rock/chaeto/sand etc. to encourage pod growth/propogation in order to feed a certain fish (don't want to alert any police yet!) on a 20L that's already been running for 9 months. So I asked a queston about the Remora models on AquaC's web site and I have posted their response in case anyone is considering the same.


Response & Post:


Hi Ed,


Thanks for the message, I can help you out. The Remora Pro actually needs a tank height of 15.25" high, so this is quite a bit higher than your 20L. If you have room in your sump, I would suggest going with the Urchin Pro. Otherwise, we could do a "custom" skimmer, which would involve either shortening a standard Remora to fit on a 12" tank, or leaving off the levelling screws, so that the Remora or Remora Pro could stand outside of the sump. Let me know what you think, and I can let you know the details. Thanks again!


Steve Prince

Customer Service Manager


AquaC, Inc.

7949 Stromesa Ct., Ste. E

San Diego, CA 92126

858-689-1121 phone

858-564-3419 fax


----- Original Message -----

To: support@proteinskimmer.com

Subject: Aquarium height for the Remora Pro.


Your installation specs for the Remora HOB models state that they need 12.75" of tank height. I was looking to use the Pro model on a 20L sump which is only 12" high. Can the unit be modified to work on a 20L? or can I simply pad out the lip of my tank to accommodate the skimmer?


Thanks in advance,

Ed ######



Pic of future refugium..the.tank is over 20 years old so please excuse the scratches.



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