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Id this coral


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Sorry no pics. It has the same shape as yellow polyps but is reddy brown on the outside, green on the inside with what looks like a single white thread coming out of the centre. Also I got a blue mushroom that was sitting in the substrate, what the best wayto get it to reatch it to my live rock. Nebie alert please speak slowly and clearly.

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w/out a pic it could be any number of things... Zoanthids perhaps?????

Put the shroom on a small piece of LR in a glass at the bottom of the tank for a week or two, it'll attatch itself

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Great idea Ray, putting the shroom in a glass, never would have thought of that. It does look like some zoo I already have, but it is raised up on stalks, or are some zoos shaped like that?

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The way that I reattach my mushrooms when they fall off the rock is by finding a small indent in the live rock that it looks like it could sit without being knocked off and pressing it in there. It works very well as long as you don't have high current there.


Also I think what your describing does sound like a zooanthid some zoos are shaped a bit differently. Some have longer tenticals and some have shorter. Do a google search for zooanthid and you can find a whole bunch of different looking zoos and this may better help you identify what you have. (with no pic it's hard to tell)

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