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test kits giving conflicting readings


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Well i recieved two new test kits today...retested my water again. The new test I got were Salifert and Nutrafin nitrate, amonia and nitrite. They all showed zero's.

Restested w/my Aquarium pharm, Mardel dip strips & Jungle lab test kit showed zero's except for nitrate they showed 20ppm. Well I only have 2 cleaner shrimp,

1 peppermint shrimp , 5 redleg hermits,5 nass snails, 1 astrea snail. I dont feed the tank. Was doing 1 gallon water change every 3 days because of nitrate readings on my old test kits, but it never dropped. So I took a water sample to Dolphin pet in Campbel. They showed zero's on all there test as well. Well I belived that the test showing 20ppm were incorrect. I added a firefish. I floated bag for 15min then drip acclimated , doubling the amount of water in specimen container every 10 min then dumping out half. I did this for 40 min. Then let the firefish swim out of cantainer into tank. He hid straight away... I see him hiding in a cave.

Hope he gets brave soon. Opinions please...think first test kits were wrong. Salifert gets high praise on this site so I'm more prone to beieve its reading.

Sorry for long post.

By the way the tank is a 10 gallon all glass w/ac500 fuge w/cheato lr rubble and live sand. 16 lbs of fully cured lr. 20 lbs or so of live sand. 2 cups of sand from 2 different established tanks. also have an ac mini/20 hang on w/purigen and phosguard. rio50,and rio90 ph's for circ. and i use catalina nsw. had 3 lfs test sample of unused water they all showed zero nitrates. use ro/di for toppof.


by the way tank has ben running since jan 1'st

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

unless you shell out large amounts of money for a top notch/lab grade test kit, all readings should be taken with a grain of salt.

try taking a sample to you lfs and see what they tell you.

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Ibid on FII2's advice. I've had my FF for 2 months. The cubbie hole will be his sanctuary. If he's spooked, sleepy or stressed, that is where you'll find them. If there are at least two ways of entry, even better. Based on my own observations that lessens the chances that it fly out of your tank when flight instinct takes over. I've picked him off the floor twice in the first 2 weeks, and all is well. Small food items. cyclopeeze is a great food source. They're not the best surface feeders. By the way, I'd start to feed your shrimp a flake of food every-every other day they are carnivores 1st and detrivores a distant 2nd. All mine can be hand fed. Good luck

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