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sea man dan

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will frogspawns sting each other? Like if i have one frogspawn and i have a totally different frogspawn will they attack each other or are they like shrooms and can tolerate each other?

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I've seen Frog Spawn and Hammers intermingling. I'm not sure, but I think all euphillia can touch each other. Like I said I"M NOT SURE, so don't take this as gospel.

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My frogspawn stung my hammer coral and fairly seriously damaged it. I would recommend you don't put at least those two together. As for whether you can put two frogspawns close together, you can certainly try, but I wouldn't advise it.

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The more closely related a coral is the less they TYPICALLY fight. Euphyllias typically will fight less with each other than with a Favia and they will typically fight less with a Favia than say a Sarcophyton. Even though Hammers are related to Frogspawns they are both aggressive species as shown by their strong stinging nematocysts, so they may very well be teritorial towards each other from time to time.


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Do these guys get fairly long sweeper tentacles?


Borneman says they are "long and very powerful" but doesn't say much beyond that.

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Well i have seen my frogspawn have a sweeper tenticle 6 inches long and it killed my entire candy colony which was about 20 heads . So yeah they are long and powerful , if it stings you it ant going to feel good

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