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Question about Clownfish, Worm


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Hey some questions:


My nano cube came in a few days ago, and I set up the live sand/ rock in there and let it cycle for a few days. I had a baby tomato clown in my other tank who had been doing really well and once the water params in the two tanks were the same I moved him over. (Most of the water in his new home came from his past).


He doesnt appear to be sickly but he is REALLY struggling with the current provided by the stock pump in the 6g NC. The poor guy looks like hes running in a track race! My damsel is fine with the current but mr. clown is kicking with all his might to move.


Is there something I can/ should do? Most ppl complain that the stock pump isnt powerful enough! Would getting more loc-line to distribute the current help him?



Finally, I have some kind of worm that is in my tank. I was thinking it was a fire worm but it only has small little white feet and doesnt come out at night. It comes out when I feed the fish. Its maybe 1.5 in long, no thicker than a spaghetti noodle and is dark brown/red in color. Any ideas? Should I attempt to remove him?


Thanks everyone!



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The worm is a bristle and smaller ones are fine by all response read here, some folks dont like them but they should help with keeping tank stable. Also from what I have read the bristles are like fiberglass and you shouldn't touch or it might cause undue pain. As for your clown I am not sure but it should be able to handle it do you have the water swirling in a funnel manner, if so you may want to move the head to point in a different direction.


BTW mine actually like to swimp in the pumps current its like its a treadmill for fish :D

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It took my clown a couple of days to get used to the new current - he did the same as yours is doing. Now he's all over the tank, making laps around the LR and even picking on my wrasse. He most likely just needs to adjust to the new environment - give him a day or two and he should adjust.

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