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New here - ready to add some livestock


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Hello, I've been doing a lot of reading here, but this is my first post.


I've been keeping fish for around 30 years and have 12 FW planted tanks.

I finally decided to take the plunge into salt, so it's a whole new aspect for me.


I have the 12 gallon nano DX and am just using the stock equipment at present.

I have a progress album set up if anyone wants to see what I've been doing (whether it's right or wrong...). B)

My nano


I bought the 16# nano box of live rock from the Doc's and have had that in the tank for over 2 weeks now. I've been testing the water every two or three days since adding the rock, and for about a week now the ammonia and nitrites have been down to 0. The nitrates were really high, but have come way down (30 - 40 ppm) since the algae/diatoms appeared. I also did a 30 - 40% water change yesterday, but haven't checked the nitrates since then.


So my question is, what is best to add to the tank first? I'm thinking something like a turbo snail, but I'm not sure either. I don't plan to add anything immediately, but I'm just planning ahead. I also plan to take it slow, and will ultimately stock pretty lightly with a small clean up crew and maybe one or two small fish. A few corals are also a possibility, but I want to see how things go first.


Oh, and we have well water which I've been using up to this point, but I did buy a 100 gpd RO unit after reading up on things a little.


Thanks for any advice. :)

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from what i've heard most stay away from turbos in nano set ups. they tend to knock stuff over. you may want to try one and see how it works for you. the basic clean up crew would be aestrea, nass, maybe some hermits and cerith and nerite snails. as for fish maybe one or two should be ok depending on bioload.


can i ask you about the LR from drs. was there a lot of coraline, macro, any good hitchhikers?

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

you said you use well water, have you ever tested it? i found my well water to be high in nitrates. (i think due to run off/ farming in the area)

your well water could be the reason your nitrates are high.


you should be ok adding your clean up crew all at once. try and get a couple /few snails to clean your glass, hermitts/stars etc to clean your sand.

looks like your on the right track.

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Thanks for the replies.

I'm glad you said that about the Turbo since I really don't need a broken tank in our kitchen/dining area. :o


I really haven't seen a lot of life on the rocks at this point. A few snails and worms, and a little start of some red and green stuff. It was pre-cured, so maybe there won't be too much? Other than that, it was a nice assortment.


Our well water is really pretty good. The biggest thing in it is silicates and some calcium carbonates. The nitrates, copper, phosphate, etc. are pretty much unreadable when I test for them. It is a deep, free flowing well, and we own a lot of land, so there really isn't a problem with outside contaminants leaching in.


Oh, one other question. The diatoms are getting pretty unsightly on the glass. I'm guessing it's best that I leave them and let a cleanup crew handle them?

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Regarding the Turbo snails...


I don't think any other snail compares to what a great job they do cleaning algae up. As long as your rocks are solidly placed, I doubt you'll have a problem. Glue always helps also. I love my turbo and I only have a 12g.

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