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cleaning crew stripping live rock bare! is this normal?


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I added my cleanup crew a couple days ago, they seem to be mostly focused on the live rock and not on the glass so much or the stand which has plenty of algae growing like grass out of it. One section of my live rock has turned completely white. I'm really surprised by this, it will grow back right? I have 3 astrea snails 4 tiny blue leg hermits and 2 red legs. This is in a 15gallon with about 16.5 lbs of live rock. I'm concerned my rock is going to be completely white in no time and all the nice growth will be gone. There still is tons of bushy green algae and the glass seems to be getting covered again I may have to clean it myself if the snails don't get to it by saturday.


I'll take a pic of the white later for now I must sleep and work another long 12hr shift tomorrow. Hopefully by the time I come home my rock will still be colourful.

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This is also happening in my tank. I think the white stuff is the dead coraline algae. My clean up crew has stripped my rock of everything ( like a car parked in a dark ally overnight) there are a few places on my rock where the maroon and burgundy good algae is growing. I am pretty sure this will spread to the white areas in time.

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