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NC24 webcam


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I'm selling an old laptop, but before it goes I decided to use it to set up a webcam. I used a Logitech cam I had around and the trial version of some webcam software, just to get going.




You may see my false perc or red firefish crusing around.


In retrospect setting up the camera was a terrible mistake, because now I want a much better one. Why can't I have any cheap hobbies?!

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Is it only me??


all I see is a still picture....



its pictures, but when you refresh the page its a new one...Love the open brain/GSP/xenia/clown




cant find the firefish...is it helfrichi???



nice tank man!!!

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Very cool idea......What is the name of the software you are useing? I would like to set one up so i can keep an eye on my new puppy........hmmm.....I wonder what she is chewing on right now.....lol

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Cool, now instead of cruising nano-reef at work, we can actually watch our own tanks instead of working. The internet is great!

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I set up the camera with a Logitech QuickCam Orbit, an old PowerBook, and the trial version of webcam software called Wuff-Cam. The software snaps a pic and copies it to a folder every 30 seconds... the folder is actually on my own web server that I run at home. However, most of the webcam software I looked at could also send an image to an external host via ftp.


I am actually selling the old Powerbook, so last night I put together a junker PC from my spare parts bin and I started running the camera on it today. It will be up and down for a while until I get it all smoothed out, I'm downloading all the updates from WindowsUpdate right now...


I found what seems to be good, cheap webcam software called SpyCam:




I will have to register it to get the feature that turns capture off when the tank is asleep... but it will be even more fun to build IR illumination. If the camera can see it... I have to check that.


Ultimately, I am going to use a real (though older) digital still camera to make very high-quality images. I just have to find the right one at the right price on eBay, then I can use freeware (VM95) to drive it.


Keeping an eye on the tank while I am at work is great. I noticed that my clown is spending a lot more time in the torch coral lately. He used to only go in at night.

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Last night I found an old webcam that can focus closer than the Logitech, so I tried it out. It's looking at my torch coral. The image quality is better but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

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