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Help with ATO


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I am having a hard time finding out which ATO to use for my 11" cube. I would like the JBJ ATO, but I am not sure that it will fit in my tiny sump. Could anyone post pics. of theirs, with a size reference if possible?


Also, am I taking too much of a risk if I go with a single float switch instead of a double? If possible, I would like to get a cost efficient ATO. Thanks.

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I have used parts from californiareefs to make my ATO

Great company

An ATO is no that hard to make yourself

The onlything I have in my sump from it is the float switch and a 1/4 inch water line

browse around and research a bit and you will find some good ideas

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Thanks for the link reffer.


My main concern is deciding whether to go the cheap route, and get a single float switch, or get a more expensive double float switch...

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