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I have some cyano that is slowly but surely taking over. I siphon and remove as much of it as i possiblely can whenever i see it. But what else can i do to keep it away?


Do i need more flow?

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I've had cyano for a while now... It is finally starting to go away. Every time it accumulates on the substrate I siphon it out with air-line tubing. Every day (sometimes twice) I blow off my liverock and corals with a turkey baster. I clean out my filter and do water changes once a week and added a bag of chemi-pure. I also bought 5 nassirus snails to keep the sand stirred up to prevent large colonies. I am starting to win and haven't had to clean out the tank in about 4 days. The cyano is starting to become under control. Just be persistent! From what I've been told, this is just a part of starting up a tank.

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Cyano is a symptom of a nutrient problem. That is, you have to much NO3 and/or PO4 in the water.


Sucking it out and stirring the sand helps it look better and keeps it from suffocating your other livestock, but it doesn't solve the problem.


I am currently battling cyano in my 5.5, but I am still using filtered tap water...


P.S. Don't buy the "increase the flow" answer. It may temporarily keep the stuff from accumulating, but that's all it does.

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Just accept it, it all has to do with ballance, a well established tank will have preffered species that use up the nutrients and occupy the space so algea and cyano cant establish in great number, they will ALWAYS be there and trust me you want them there, the aim is to keep it under controll. All the increase flow, starw your fish, starw the corals of light so on so on i will dare say only make the probleme behave a litle different not anywhere near solve it.


And daily routines of blowing basting siphoning casue more damage in stressing the environment than it does good. You are much better of trying to add species to make use of the excess nutrients, checking if you are introducing any polutions to the system, adding grasing species and so on. Big cleaning operations should be atelast 1 week apart,, or further if possible, or your system will never ever achive any stability.

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