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who sells nice rock online these days?


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Anybody really stand out?

I was thinking about ordering from premiumaquatics, but foster and smith has pretty cheap rock... wonder if it's worth a crap

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I bought all my LR from www.exoticfish.com There is alot of people dont think they are the best but I really like their stuff. Besides since they are local to me I can always pick it up and save $$ on shipping.

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I heard that saltycritter has some great rock and a lot of variety. If you check out there sight I've been told that there rock looks just like in the pictures. Of course you could also check on Craigslist.com you might be able to find some really nice rock locally for about $3 lb.

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I got my rock from Liveaquaria (drs foster/smith). Ordered the nano packs, looks good and was not too expensive. Not one live critter on it though...that could be good or bad depending on you want.



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Just bought some Nano rock and some rubble from Premium Aquatics and I must say that the Nano sized rock is sweet. The rubble rock, although cheap, was not as good as I had hoped, it needed alot of rinsing and picking of die-off. Might just be that I got tired of cleaning each piece after 20#!

The rocks are laid out on the lid of a 35g tupperware container where they are curing now. The rule is added help you judge the size of the pieces.


about 45# of Nano, very clean rock too, didn't need much rinsing




About 20# of rubble...discarded about 5# of smaller stuff.


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If you're interested, the Nano rock was $4.25/pound...rubble was $1.99/pound. Shipping for 65# of rock was $35 UPS ground.



that is not a bad price at all... pretty decent!!!



trumph, did u notice any types of corals or critters on the rocks yet?

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Philip, UPS ground only took 2 days to get here....New Jersey. It was the shipping I liked (cheapest) and also the shipping method they recommended. E-Mail them with any questions you have, they are extremely helpful.


DevilBoy, I didn't see anything outstanding....lots of soft corals, I pulled what I could to try and shorten the cycle and the rest will probably die. No live critters except for a peanut worm and some dead flatworms which I tossed. I hope there aren't any more critters, uninvited quests are usually the worst. The rock will begin to bloom with all kinds of stuff in a couple of months.

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