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Building a 24g Nano Cube DX ... need advice!


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Hi everyone! I'm new to this site (just signed up today) and come for advice on setting up a 24 gal Nano Cube DX. I plan on putting live rock and sand, corals (not sure one which ones yet), and probably a clown and a goby. I would appreciate any recommendations on what additional equipment I need to buy, like a protein skimmer and stuff and how much live rock and sand I will need. Also, I was told that there are some "modifications" I can do to my tank to help improve my setup. Thanks for any input!

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I have the same unit on the way.


My plan is this:


20-30 lbs. Live Sand (2.5" sandbed)


30 lbs Live Rock


If you bought a new Nano it should have come with a skimmer.


As for mods you can check out nanotuners.com.


You got the DX so lighting should be fine for the following corals








As for fish I am planning on 2 firefish & a few yellow & black clowns. If your not sure what firefish look like then check out liveaquaria.com under the marine fish, they are also called dartfish.


I'm not a pro at this, just a fellow newbie but I hope this helps some.


Good Luck and keep us updated.

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