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That crazy pistol shrimp


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So im feeding my tank tonight and the pistol shrimp is out with the yashe getting some mysis. Well in the middle of the feeding a nassarius slithers in the pistol's view. So the pistol snatches the snail and dives back into his labrynth. I seem to have forgotten that this pistol is reinforcing all his tunnels with shells. I think I have put 40 small shells in there and he has used everyone, the only ones he won't use are the large ones that he can't fit into the entrances.

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LOL funny sound like you need more shells in your tank

I know ... but i've tried saving money as of late by not going to the LFS

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I love pistol shrimps! As I was watching my tank the other day mine seemed to be bringing a shell out of his tunnel and then I noticed it was a nassarius flopping around to get back onto it's foot. Pistol shrimps have quite the personallity. (I also give him shells to build his tunnels with and he uses almost every one! I have bought so many it's not funny) Gotta love those cool litlte guys! :lol:

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