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Will a tank cycle without a heater or lights?

The Keeper

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Yes, but you run the risking of killing more things (hitchikers you'd want) with the low temperature. Perhaps even prolonging your cycle and maybe even causing another cycle when you bring the temerature back up.


Lights really don't matter untill the cycle is done.

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I'm with Gwoardnog on the low temp putting risk to favorable hitchhikers, but I doubt you'd trigger a 2nd cycle when you turn the temp up and lights on. I am also unsure of whether a temperature depression of 5F would significantly slow the bacteria colonization rate.


A second cycle would begin if there was a significant increase in NH3 or NO2. Unless you add livestock, I don't know where those organics would come from if you allow your rock to cycle all the way through the first time.

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Cool. Thanks for the replies guys.

I threw the tank together on the 18th, but my light and heater are still in the mail, they should be here tommorrow. But I was wondering if that was causing the problem..


Another question, my tank is a tiny little pico 1.6g hex. The water, sand, and rock, all came from the reef tank at a local aq shop. Do cycle in very small tanks usually take less time to cycle or more? Does the origin of the rock/water/sand effect these times? I'm mid cycle I think right now. Nitrates are high, nitrites and ammonium are low. No algae yet though?


The light, heater, filter will be on as soon as they get here. Hopefully any favorable hitch hikers in there aren't dead. There was a tiny little coral I didn't see until yesterday. It was all retracted and grey. I left the incandesent bulb on today and it opened a tiny bit. Hope it survives.


Can someone tell me the difference b/w cured and uncured rock. Which costs more and why? I think im a little confused. Pro's and Cons.

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slightly offtopic but slightly on...

I was considering stacking my rock in the tank dry, then filling with water to ease the aquascaping process, but I can't heat 4 boxes of water to temp, you think it would be a big deal to pour in room temp water and then heat it up as quickly as the heater can?


I guess I could put the bags in the bathtub and get them into the 70's at least, but not much chance of getting them dead on.

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catalina NSW, 5 gallon bag in box.


who puts water in a box??? hahah just messing!!



btw move temp up 4-5 degrees, and a tank will cycle with no lights...just takes longer!!

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You could pull the bag out and set it in the sink with HOT water for a little while.


I was thinking about doing that in the tub, then I can get 5 bags in there at once.

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