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Can my calcium really be this high?


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I'm very frustrated with my corals right now, esp my zoas. It's a 5g tank, been set up one year. I'll attach a pic of the zoas. Other than those, the mushrooms are starting to look kind of shriveled, but the ric, xenia, toadstook leather, as well as snails and stuff, look ok. I tested the water the other night with every test kit I've got, and got a trace of ammonia (I guess something is dying...maybe zoas...), no trites, <10 trates, no phosphate, s.g. = 1.0225, pH = 8.2, calcium of 780??? It's a seachem test kit. I haven't dosed calcium for several months, so I haven't been testing it. I do 1 to 2 gallon water changes once weekly with water from the LFS. The zoas started looking bad right after Christmas; they haven't opened up at all since then, not one polyp! Heeelllppp!


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I just rechecked the calcium with the same test, which is not SeaChem but SeaTest by Aquarium Systems. Depending on what you think blue is, it could have registered as low as 600 mg/l, but more likely closer to 720 mg/l. Can anyone tell me what this could do to corals, other than cause a swing in pH (which I haven't found yet anyway)? I'll take a water sample to the LFS today to see what their test registers...

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You need to get a good ALK, and PH test kit and see where those two are. In the mean time just do a large water change and things will go back to normal.


If you have poor water flow and little to no oxygen exchange it also may be affecting your PH.


I suggest you go to petco and get a box of their saltwater that is sold in 5 gallon boxes and do change as much water as you can. In the mean time look to see if their are any stagnant areas of tank where detritus may be building up. Are you having problems with nuisance algae?

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