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i got published!


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Hi all. Just wanted to share that I was able to get a photo of mine published in FAMA in the March 06 issue on page 29.






so... you guys can get something published!

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Congrats Six! Awesome to get published, nice job even trying, I give you a lot of credit. I have to try that someday when my corals are more established and when I get a better camera! Wish you luck! tkudlik

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honestly this is my foot in the door, and i owe it to Mary at SeaCrop. she had a thread going here on NR asking for photos for her ad. her ad guy chose one of mine.


reffer- i plan on getting some photos of sick fish to start a site or hardcore forum topic about. im no fish doctor, but im maybe an RN. ;) thanks for the compliment.


thanks everyone! i hope this gets the ball rolling.

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thanks everyone. thats with my nikon 8700. macro mode, nothing else. the lighting on the tank is 20k with actinic supplementation, thus the highly colored green. that coral is every bit as green as that photo portrays.


i had to post at RC b/c of the possible sponsors that may need some photos. its publicity for the photos i take regardless of how much i abhor the forums. :/

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wow...i'm like a week late on this...but congrats anyway!!! btw, i know that you don't have eric 'i invent fads' boureman on your myspace profile. :P that makes me sad kinda. :D

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