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Reef Keeper's Pledge


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I,(Your name here), being of sound mind and body, do solemnly pledge that I will embark upon the reef-keeping hobby only after thoroughly researghing the subject via books, magazines, newsletters, the internet, fellow reef keepers, and any additional resources available to me.


I understand that a certain cash outlay is unavoidable when embarking upon the mini-reef hobby, and I have informed my spouse/domestic partner of such.


I wil proceed with set up slowly and diliberatly, enjoying each fasninating step, with the full understanding that only bad things happen quickly in the mini-reef.


I will purchase livestock only after my aquarium has completly cycled=and then, slowly and methodically.


I will never purchase livestock on impulse and then attempt to determine its husbandry requirements later, because I know that this way lies madness.


I understand that corals and other invertabrates need room to grow, and for the well beingof the animals in my care, I will never attemp to keep more than my aquarium can accomodate.


I understand that corals and other reef inverabrates are living things that require life long car, they are not preyyt decorations to be replaced with every change in room decor.


I will set aside a reasonable amount of time each day for routine aquarium mainteneace chores and water quality testing, scheduling such activities on a calendar if necessary.


I accept the axiom that the water change is the single most valuable tool in the reef keeper's arsenal.


I accept the fact that problems will occasionally arise in my mini-reef, and I will treat each new problem as a challenge to be overcome rather than an insurmountable obstacle.


I will not repeatedly alter my approach to reef keeping with each change in the tide of popular opinion, because that way also lies madness. Besides, if it aint broke dont fix it.


I will never abandon the reef-keeping hobby just because the going gets tough. Rather, I will redouble my efforts to master the skills I need to succeed.


In years to come, I will share the wisdome I have acquired with others who wish to enter the mini-reef hobby= and I will do so enthusiastically and without condescension.


I understand that I am embarking upon this wonderful gobby of my own volitionand therefore, I accept full responsibility for my ultimate success or failure and for the unique organisms entrusted to my care.


-Simple guide to mini-reef aquariums

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