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Hello all,


The Logical Reef had been through some pretty major changes, Mainly Bryan is no longer associated with The Logical Reef, I (Lee) now am the sole owner of the company. We will have the same great service everyone has known the company for and same great quality coral. If you are in Florida come by and see the store, I am installing a lot of new systems just finished filling our new 309gal SPS tank today, and will have many others running soon.


Thanks and looking forward to doing business with you soon.


Lee Stevens - Logical Reef

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Christopher Marks

I'm curious to find out what's going on too. As I recall a hurricane knocked out their store, well over a year ago. They were rebuilding, but then there were no more updates on the site.

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Hey guys,


My soul feels good seeing all the familiar names again...finally! Dickie, I still have that incredibly inspirational email you wrote me a few years back :)


Simple summary is that I sold my half of TLR Inc, for a myriad of reasons. Bottom line is that I was not happy with the direction the retail store was going. In a small town, reputation is everything. Due to my maintenance responsibilities, I was never at the store to oversee it. Really don't want to get much deeper than that, I do hope you understand.


My heart was always in the online side, though with the business of the lfs, it was impossible to do. The hurricanes sure didn't help much, but may very possibly have been the reasons for me making some of the recent decisions...life is short, we all must try to be happy while we are here.


I'm now managing airwaterice.com as my "real job", and totally digging back into the propagation side of the hobby I so love. The people I have met online have been some of the dearest friends one could ask for.


Pure Captive is my "side project", as I just can't seem to exist without a side project: ) I have a group of close friends and hobbyists locally, and as I finish the site up, we hope to be able to have small offerings of affordable, purely captive grown corals for people to check out. Anyone that knows me understands my commitment to the hobby, customer service, and always doing the right thing regardless of the almighty dollar. Because of this I have faith the new name will be no more than a technicality.


Hope that clears up some, and I sincerely hope to be out here much more and having some fun.


Peace, Bryan Kile

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My first online coral purchase (first tank too!) was through Bryan at TRL. He totally walked me through it in at least 10 email exchanges. The service and coral were great.


Good luck with AWI and PC! :)

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Just so glad to hear that you are alive and well.....also glad that you followed your heart.


I am rootingfor:




Knowing that you work for airwaterice.com, means that your corals will always be in good water..... :lol:




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