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Clow Perc. and Anemone issues...


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Hello, I've had my new 32 M-Tank up and running for about 2 1/2 months now, water parameters are good, as well as proper lighting. My problem is my Percula Clown and the Neon Green Bubble-Tip Anemone... They just don't want to "hook up". I've had my Perc. for about 10 days now, and about the same for the Anemone. The Perc. is about 2" long, the Anemone is around 4" in diameter. Odd behaviors includes: Percula choosing to hang out by overflow, and Anemone chooses to hang out behind rocks, out of sight, out of light, but not dead. My best guess why these two aren't one, is because the Anemone just split about three weeks ago, and I'm thinking the stress of this is more than enough. Also, the Anemone lost about less than 5% of itself, when it became trapped in the overflow holes, maybe it's still suffering trauma. Point is...I'll be patient and give these two a few months before I make my decision to rid myself of one. Hopefully, in time these two will make friends and make me happy, until then...Has anyone expeirience any such problems?? Maybe any solutions or fixes? Thanks.

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