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FTS of my 40


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  • 2 months later...

i'm jealous... sick of my 29, so i'm working on convincing the lady to let me upgrade to a 40 breeder. i love the way they look. nice tank!

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thanks for the feedback guys. I know this is the large reefs forum but I thought Id put up a current nano-shot too.



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thanks man. Any photo tips you have would be great. Just working with a Kodak 4.0mpix. The yellow thing is 4-5 heads of chronic green (as prorap would say) candy cane.

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Got the permanent stand for my 40 breeder reef set-up today. Its a Oceanic Shaker Stand for a 58gal but it fits a 40 perfect and IMO looks alot better than an AGA/PetCo stand.


The systen had been sitting ontop of my fiance's clothing dresser in the tank room for months and Im pretty pumped (as well as she) about getting it onto a real, legit stand.


This also mean that this summer project will be the construction of a sump/fuge in an effort to add some more water volume and eventualy possibly a 4th and final fish.


Lemme know what you guys think. Im planning on taking alot of pics and posting alot of this tread for this project. (once it gets started) Usually I just do my thing and then post pics, but in this case a running dialogue of advice may com in handy.


Square 1- What kind of overflow box should i pick-up? Preferably used. Or is there any way to safely drill above the water line a partly full tank?

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Well, it crashed. Nearly all hands on deck on 5/28-29, memorial day weekend. The following post will tell the whole story, for anyone interested.


For the last 4 years my fiance (oct 7) Laura and I have spent Memorial Day weekend camping and enjoying Rock&Roll and Bluegrass at Summercamp in Chillicothe IL. Its kinda becoming our anual vacation with our favorite rock band moe. and we always seem to have a blast. This year was no exception. Seeing the festival grow over the last couple years has been amayzing, and this year we really stepped up and took ownership and pride in the festivities. And I think, contributed, just like lots of other, to a really good time and tremedously positive vibe.


The on Monday I came home to some very warm tanks. The 40 read 98.somthing and my RBTA was laying in the middle of ther tank, fallen and disitegrating. All of the small stonies were bleached, and some of the large stonies were still in the proscess of melting. I threw my serpent star along with a few coral into the NC, which luckily were in much better shape due to a box fan placed directly next to it.

Long run this did nothing but thow a huge amonia spike in my NC which caused me to loose a couple of rics and maybee a jawfish.


I had a buddy come over a feed/play with the cat and feed tanks, but he's just a friend (not a reefer) who didnt realize the temp situation was a problem. I didnt think it was going to be a problem either. If anything I though the NC would boil. Hence I put an extra fan on that tank.


Eventually I lost every coral in my 40 except 3 zoa colonies. Hard and soft together its to many for me to think about listing, nothing too special or rare, but the skeleton graveyard I have waiting to be bleached is pretty painful to look at.


I also lost my midas blenny. I found his skeleton near his perch, tangeled in the macro. My guess is ammonia got him. My two clowns were swimming when I came home, Female was eating, male want and had a big wound on his face that looked like a burn. They are QT at my LFS Ocean Design currently, and I check in on them on mon, and they were both looking very good. Interacting with each other through their tank divider.


Like I said, my jawfish went down in the NC, its only major loss. The FF made it fine. I suspect the heat/low oxygen leve did him in, not the amonia spike I created by trying to save coral. Either way, I went on a search and rescue with no success. She was Pearly Girl II, though. We lost Pearly Girl I to jumping through eggcrate, early on. And Im so hooked on that fish Im sure PGIII wont be the last. If only I could bring myslef to sping for the blue-spot. THey need more room or bigger? Digress


On top of all of this, dealing with loss and a bit of mild depression, something Im not used to at all and do not dig on one bit, my eye starts pussing, I knew I was catching a cold, but this cold errupted into eye inferction/pink eye ear infections and a seriously f-ed up throat. Luckily father in laws a doc and just called me in antibotic and eye drop script w/o a visit, but this past week has been rough. Much rougher than the anual cold/flu. My mom thinks it was strep. I toyed with the idea of it being caused by a mouthful of dead nem/ amonia skanky water, but think its probably more likely all the people I shared a drink and a smoke with on vacation. Either way antibiotics did the trick and I feel great again.


So the slate is clean. Ill get some pics posted soon. Now that the wave of events has passed, I feel really good about the prospects of restocking with a heavy concentration of fish and shrooms and zoas. Ive already fragged a bunch of zoas out of my NC to grow out in the 40. I was feeling a little cramped aquascaping-wise with the SPS and the Nem. Ive got a bit of the trying to learn and observe everything there is out of my system and Im going into this next incarnation of schwazreef with a renued focus. Im so pumped.


So here we are. I have to go to the store tommorw and pick up my clowns. I also have to replace some cleaners, a few crabs, nass and a turbo. Right now the prospective stocking list is 2 Ocell Clowns, midas blenny, Coral Beauty Angle, sixline wrasee, Skunk cleaner. Too much? Im thinking from a budget standpoint I might restock everything but the sixline, then get him once the sump is on the tank, which is cleanly going to be pushed back to a late summer/fall project. Oh well, if anyone read all this, feel free to comment...


Cnidarians still rule!

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Sorry to hear that man. Same thing happened to my tanks at work. The only difference was it was over the weekend when the building A/C turns off afterhours. I don't think my tanks got as hot as yours but the damage was done. I keep some pretty expensive stuff so my losses were more than just a few hundred :( Good luck rebuilding. I am already looking into ways to keep the tank cool and at constant temp while I am not in the office.

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That sucks, I'm sorry to hear about this, its never fun to lose/kill things. I'm glad you aren't deterd though, the hobby, while frustrating a lot of times, is so fulfilling. Good luck with the new setup.

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:( Your tank was beautiful. Sorry to hear about this!! But it is great to hear that you aren't anywhere near giving up. It can only get better from here!
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Oh man, so sorry to hear that. :(


Great to see that you are looking at the positives though, and the new tank will be totally kick @ss.

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Life, growth... all a positive things. It why I reef, its why im alive. Im not a negative person. It wanst easy to deal with, but I dealt, and am stronger from the trip. I did breefly toy with the idea of moving my geckos to the 40 and selling the rock and just running the 12ncdx, but that only lasted about 5 min. Reefing is way too much fun. It helped to think of the seafood ive eaten and the $ blow at the bar. Puts things in perspective.


Im so pumped about the restock. I really want people to chime in on my prospective stocking list. I wanna know If I can cram in 2 oscells, midas blenny, CB Angel, and 6line all before I start on the sump. I suppose Ill just post up in the fish forum when I really need feedback.


Thanks for all the support guys, you help make schwazreef and nanoreef what hey are.

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