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A BEAUTIFUL LIVE ROCK... Pls read and help! Thanks!


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Dear hosts, members and/ or visitors of nano-reef.com,


I'm in need of your kind help for my graphic design course project. :o My project requires me to present a beautiful object which the object I have chosen is a piece of uncured live rock that I bought at an LFS recently. Pls see the following photo and read on... thanks! :happy:




The reason I've chosen this is needless to say to all marine fanatics. Isn't it beautiful? However I still need to convince my class and the project evaluator that it is indeed a very BEAUTIFUL object. :D



The beauty of liverocks which I truly felt is that:


Some live rocks are probably brought together by huge waves in unplanned manner and yet formed a magnificent community where corals are thriving like plants, fishes and crustaceans are living in the different levels like people in an estate.


Through ages and from seas to seas, inhabitants of the live rocks have been travelling vast distances to propagate and spawn their following generations, all performed in the act of nature.


This particular piece of live rock as shown in the picture is beautifully painted by coralline algae, which is very beneficial in the nitrogen and other gas exchange cycle by housing beneficial bacteria to stabilize the conditions or parameters of the water, other than wind, rain and the Sun.


The reason I love this live rock is because it never fail to surprise me every single day. Ever since I bought this live rock, I’ve seen various featherduster worms and zoanthids growing out from this porous rock, trying to get some light and seem to be learning the ways to survive or adapt in my aquarium. There could be more organisms living in it but yet undiscovered.


This live rock has certainly showed me its generosity in accepting different species, like the world accepting different human races, animals, plants and so on. We are often attracted by the fanciful and the major things in life when the little bits and pieces of beauty have all been missed out.


This live rock that houses its inhabitants showed me a world of its own through the glass of my tank and it makes me realize how much of life that I’ve missed.



What do you guys think? Can anyone share with me their ideas and thoughts about liverocks, esp. this particular piece? ;)


THANK YOU!!! :lol:


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