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Red People Eaters?


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Any idea what this coral is???




Saw this for sale listed in the classifieds forum as a Red People Eater. He was selling them for $4 a polyps, from a rock of 80 or so polyps. Any ideas? Im interested in the coral and just wanted to make sure it was a TRUE Red people eater and not simply a purply seamat polyp.


Any ideas??



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$3 a polyp :P I'd like to know also. I'm the seller btw, haha. I have a feeling I got really really really ripped off. Wouldn't have been the first time :huh:

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Purply seamat polyp. "Real" rpe's are stop-sign red.

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These are true RPE's. You might not get ripped off cause the coral will look different under different lights. Use this site to understand what zoos you got and what they are named.







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Wow, beautiful pics at that site! I saved it. Thanks.




PS: Your pics are also gorgeous. Wow, what a difference the light makes.

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