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Just set-up new AquaPod 24g with PCs


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I just got done setting up my 24g AqauPod, Sand, Heater, 1.025 Salt, Pump, The media it comes with. I am setting this up for anyone who has a question about this system or about the design or wire hole location or anything. The only thing I dont like are the multi. spectrume bulbs it comes with but not really a problem they will be gone in a year.

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I'm sry but I dont own a digtal camra or a film one just the disposiable I dont have any light leaking though just a tad like the fan hole if you look into it and on the little quick lift feeder front hole if you look down from right above you can see light nothing from more than a foot away though I'm very pleased

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I not sure as far as adequate flowbut yet I dont see a name as far as brand but VERY quite I cant even hear it without the white lights running no nosie comes from that tank at all

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current owner aquapod 24g.


Well almost month soon since I set up the tank.. so far so happy... did few changes... well the instruction says that the fan should run with the light which stays longer ON... and the schedule says... that Daylight should be ON shorter than Actnic lights... so I swaped the bulbs and now the fan run with the Actnic lights which are ON half hour earlier than Daylight... and half hour longer than Daylight... that way the hood is cooling by the fan longer (before the fan was connect to the Daylights)... and another change I done was buying new fan from:




which by the way is much more silent than the fan which comes orginally in the package.. also considering to put another fun which will "push" more air inside the hood to keep it cooler.. it is not bad anyway.. temp. raise up with lights ON only about 2 F.


Happy with the submersible 290 gph pump.. enough movement in all tank.. tank has to chambers.. one for filters (sponge, carbon, biomax, and bio balls) and one for pump.. I still had enough place to put the heater there.. and waiting for skimmer still..


will try take some pics of it soon.



light schedule:


Actnic - 1:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Daylight - 2 pm - 11 pm

moonlight - 11:25 pm to 3:25 am and 11:35 am to 1:35 pm.


still adding PH buffer.. current PH - 8.0

done with brown alge... clean it from the glass with help few snails.

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My LFS have stopped having the NC at there stores now that the AP is out so thats my impression.

My chambers are the same way but I have moved the sponge where the hole for the flow is and taken the other1 out the bio-balls and heater along with the bag of little tube things I all have in chamber 2 with the pump. The first chamber will soon be a fuge. My lighting schedule.....

Actnic - 9am-10pm

Daylight - 10am-9pm

Moonlight - 10pm-9am

Fuge - 10pm- 12pm

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lol 10pm to 12pm isnt 2 hrs its 14......12am is in the morning 10 pm at night to 12 pm in the afternoon


I get some of the best dark greens with the lights on this long

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hey reffer9391...


my question is how are U going to install light for Your fuge? and what kind of light? please more details... also... I put today some small pieces of LR to the chamber with bio bals... just droped it to the bottom of the chamber... my question is do I need to have light for it ? would like to make fuge as U want to do.. but not sure how to make it.. and again how to put there any light... thanx for any advice..

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There is a great thread that SH (steelhair) maded a while back. See on the back of the NC you can take a razor blade and cut the black vinal like material out and just have the glass between you and the water. I plan on running a small 6500k (best spectrum) 13w (i think) tube light down the back that is 15in. in lenght. There are also smaller lights and underwater light too. My only problem with under water is that when I chato gets too close it burns and release the nutrients it sucked out of the water back in and it dies off. Plus the underwater lights take up space. This is fine if you only want a little chato and you trim it alot though

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Ok I just but in 19 pounds of live base rock havent bought small peices or the "premium rock" to seed with yet. Is there any advice I could get from anyone on how to AquaScape

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lol 10pm to 12pm isnt 2 hrs its 14......12am is in the morning 10 pm at night to 12 pm in the afternoon


I get some of the best dark greens with the lights on this long


WARNING: fairly useless factoid ahead! :P


"AM" = ante-meridian (before the middle)

"PM" = post-meridian (after the middle)


12 noon is technically neither AM nor PM. The proper designation (that NO ONE uses!) is 12m.


heading back to geekville now...

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I just bought a Aquapod 24 and set it up (yesterday). It's my first marine. So I am expecting to kill all kinds of stuff, but will battle tooth and nail not to.

Today I put in 5 lbs of live rock to let it cycle for a while. Any idea if this is enough for starters?

I'm planning on putting in another 10 lbs next week and maybe a fish. Good-bad idea?

I already know I need to add a 24 hour fan. I hadn't even put in a heater yet and didn't run the lights all day but when I got home it was at 79 degrees with just the pump running. I'd rather have the fan and use the heater a bit than overheat and kill everything.

I'm glad I found this site. The pod came with a 3 page booklet that was mostly just "don't electrocute yourself" and the website had a pdf that had less than that.

Also, I either lost count while filling it, or it's a few gallons short of 24 gallons (keeping track of the gravel/coral). Anyone else notice this or did I just lose count of gallons? I also have about 2.5 to

3 cups of salt left in my 25 gallon bag (1/2 cup per

gallon) where I figured I'd have 1.5 to 2 left. Not a big complaint, just wondering here.

Anyway, it's crazy quiet and looks great.

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Make an area on the floor with a towel that is approx the same size as the tank. You can arrange the rock on the floor and work out how you want it to look before getting it in the tank. If you have a digital camera, it makes life easier providing a reference for when you put the rock back in the tank.


This prevents scratching your glass, and is less messy overall.


Its ok to have the rock out of the water for short periods of time. In nature, tidepools do the same thing, for much longer actually :)





5lbs of rock isnt nearly enough. Surf around for more info on rock. Also, is the rock cured? Most local fish stores carry uncured rock. Its best to err on the safe side and let that tank cycle for at least a month with ALL of the rock you plan on putting in there. You can have critters during this month of ugly-tank time. By critters I mean hermit crabs and snails and NO FISH. The hermits and snails will take care of any algae and die-off from the rock. Also do a couple of 50% water changes during this cycle period.

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