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Flake food getting skimmed...


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I am brand new to keeping fish so I hope that this is not too silly of a question. When I feed flakes, I noticed that a fair percentage of them actually end up quickly heading for the skimmer in my Nanocube and my clownfish does not get to eat them all. They end up in the sponge filter compartment to rot I guess (I do rinse sponges weekly). Do people normally turn off their pump for flake feedings to prevent the skimmer from sucking in the flakes to give the fish more time to eat? I have not had the same problem with frozen food because it sinks below the water surface so quickly.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i find simply putting the food under the surface of the water helps tonnes. just pinch it between your fingers and put it infront of your return.


or turn off the pumps :)

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Thanks guys, good tips. Since I soak the frozen food in tank water before putting it in, I will just do the same with the flakes I think.

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