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been thinking about a bigger tank

formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

well, 15 months ago i'd planned to get a head start on my stocking list for a tank, i'd hoped would be in our new home. if its not one thing its something else, but looks like we'll be putting off moving to our first home for another year.



so im thinking, if i cant have a new home, why cant the fish get one. :)

i have a few tanks in the house. id like to merge them into one. problem is, i have alot of inhabbitants going into the tank.



id like the tank to be no less than 16" tall. min of a 2'x2'foot print (open to any shape or size)my main tank sits 45* in the corner of my dining room. this is where i'd put the new tank. one wall i have 39" before the opening to my kitchen, the other wall 10'

sump is a must. (but im no stranger to dyi plumbing :) ) do to the merge im also going to keep my snowflake in my sump/ref so i need a big one. (the sump will be designed so the snowflake cant get to any dangerous places.)

btw the snowflake will get a new home long before he needs one, hes still only 7".

please keep in mind i go above and beyond when it comes to live foods. please dont base your opinions on food requirements of the inhabbitants. live foods are readily available both cultured and purchased. i've had 2 very well fed mandarins in a 30g for 15 months.

and the list of inhabbitants


2 mandarin

2 percs

1 fire fish

1 clown goby

1 mother sailfin (scooter blenny but not really a blenny)

1 hi fin

1 yasha

1 sailfin blenny

1 fairy wrasse

2 peps

1 spotted cleaner shrimp

1 japanese pistol

1 8" brittle star

1 blue tuxedo urchant

1 pink cuc.

2 gaint mex turbos

numerous snails and hermitts


and of course the snowflake in the ref.


corals are mainly easy care but i have an assortment of zoa's,shrooms,gorgonias,leathers and a bta.


i have lots of macro, and plan on filling the ref, with algaes and mangroves to help with the bio load. i dont mind doing large weekly water changes, and im dilligent about them.


i have 122ish pounds of lr. and like tall reefs. however i would like to see more of the sand bed in my next tank, i really love the look of this tank.



so guys and gals, looking for options, advice, things i forgot , criticism.

lay it on me.


what size sump and what size/shape tank.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

the contents are in a few different tanks. a 30 with 10g sump, a 20 and a 15.

but yeah im pushing it.lol

water quality has always been good so no harm no foul


the 30 with 10 g sump has

2 man

2 clowns

1 fire fish

1 clown

tuxedo,peps,star and cuc. 15 months and counting, with out any significant problem. including algae outbreaks. (and i've introduced hair algae to my tank few times.lol)

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