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Mysterious loss of firefish.blood in gill area)What happend?


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I bought two firefish yesterday. They both seemed to do very well yesterday, both swimming together and what not. Woke up this mornign and was was fine and hiding. The other one was swimming as if he was drunk. I noticed behind his gills it was red almost like internal bleeding. I had to go to class so I moved him into his own area in the fuge are. I came home and he is now dead. What cuased this death? Was he sick even when I got him? The other is swimming happy as ever right now and my clown has been in the tank for about a week and is very happy also.


I did a quick test on NO2 and NO3 right before I left. Im showing 0 nitrite and maybe 2-3ppm of nitrate.




Also the bleeding only seem to be on one side of the fish (other side looks fine).

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what was your acclimation time and tank specs?


I acclimated him for about 3 hours. I did about 3/4 of a dixie cup (small cups people use in bathrooms and such, Id say its close to 1/2-3/4 cup) of tank water every 20-25 minutes.



Clown and the two firefish (well one now)

2 hermits, and a skunk

Various snails


0 Nitrite

<5 Nitrate

NH3 0

ph 8.1

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3 hours is insanely too long, in such a small body of water the temp and flucation would be very stressful to an fish, i would no longer acclimate a fish for more than an hour. also in addition you should try the drip method, usually when adding in by cups the rush of tank water can sometimes overcome the already stress animal, its like being in a gas chamber, and slowly filling it with new air, as oppose to dumping air your not used to in large burst...hth

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