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brain feeding


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Whats the best thing and best way to feed an open brain. Should i be blowing it at it using a turkey baster or setting it on it ect. Thanks.


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Just let it out of the turkey baster right around the mouth as gently as you can. Also, make sure all of your pumps are off so that the brain can grab the food before it is blown away.

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I feed mine Cyclop Eze (frozen kind) once a week after lights out. I wait for the Brain's feeding tentacles to extend and use a SeaSquirt feeder to GENTLY dust the brain with Cyclop. I have my powerheads shut down during this time.


It's never been happier since I started target feeding it :)



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Like said above, wait for feeders to extend, and place food on them.


One of my favorite shots, I'm feeding my open brain a whole krill.



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Also if you have food "poachers" in the tank you might want to cut the top 1/3 of a 2 liter bottle off, place the inverted funnel over the brain and feed w/ a baster through the spout... it will keep your crabs and shrimp away until the brain can ingest it all..

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