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20H 2 Years in the Making


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Latest pic of my 20H tank after close to 2 years after the inital setup.





Lighting is 130W Coralife PC in a JBJ fixture, CPR BakPakR skimmer, AquaClear 150, two Maxi Jet 600.

All corals were grown from small frags.


Umbrella Leather, rose tip anenome, metallic green stars, Red Sea xenia, varios zoes and shrooms, candy cane coral, lots of hermits and snails, two mated perculas and a royal gamma.

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just curious, how long have you had that bubble tip?


I've had the BTA for about 8 months and still going. It did end up in the skimmer box (don't ask how/have a sponge on it) and got chewed up fairly bad, but once the BTA found a place to call home, hasn't moved since and very,very health now.

Was the size of a silver dollar when I got it.


Pic is tonight after feeding time. And yes I have been stung a couple of times.



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Excelent tank! One suggestion would be to frag some of those red zoas and send them to me!


About the best I can do is give a close up view. *lol*




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That RBTA actually stung you? Wow, like I had one for over a year and never got stung once. I feed it by hand, touched it several times and nothing. I wonder if it could be that different species sting and others don't.

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