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progress of 2.5 gallon AGA with built in overflow


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Here is an update on the progress of my 2.5 gallon AGA with built in overflow.


scarlet red hermit

nassurius snail

margarita snail

bumble bee snail

Red zoos

branching hammer coral bud

green star polyps (growing on the glass)


I do water changes once a month and charcoal changes every two weeks. Water is crystal clear.











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Sorry my fault didn't know it wouldn't work.

Thnx for posting the pictures hyewiz.



How big and what kind of light is that... I like that setup

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nice setup! i'm also curious as to what size light unit that is. i have the 9 inch mini, but would like to move to the next size up, and that seems perfect!

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Very cool! I like the lighting! I have the same on my 5.6 gal:




except mine has those REALLY ugly adjustable legs =( your solution looks much sleeker.

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The light is a coral life 2 x 18watt 50/50. I paid around $55 for it. I had the 9watt mini before, wasn't enough light.


The adjustable legs like koden has are nice bcause you can fold the light straight up to get in the tank. I made my light stand out of some left over acrylic. I spray painted the sides black. The two strips across the top are painted with a glow in the dark paint to give the tank a faint blue light during the night. Works great

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