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Protein Skimmer in 12gal?


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Hey, I had a quick question. I've had a 12 gal nano set up since July. I only have a cinnamon clown and a red scooter blenny with a few snails and hermits. I have had continual problems with dark green algae despite continual water changes with distilled water and cleaning off the rocks. Can you have a protein skimmer in a nano, and if so, what kind? thanks brie

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Hi brie...yes you can have a nanoskimmer. Is this the 12 g nanocube? If so, one skimmer that has had some mixed reviews is the little nanoskimmer by current usa. Check out this skimmer using the search function above. Plus I think it is around $30 so its not a bad buy. Main problem however seems to be more of a question of available nutrients in your tank. How often do you feed? How often do you do a water change? One way that has helped many is to add a refugium to your setup. In the refugium, you can add cheato algae and others to be a nutrient export. This good algae will use up all the nutrients and prevent the nuisance algae from growing. One other thing. What kind of water do you add for makeup and topoffs? Are you using tap water with dechlorinators. Often certain types of water can contain high levels of phosphates (commonly found in plant food and fertilizers) which can lead to excessive algae growth. Think this over and post any additional questions you may have. Have a good evening/morning!




PS. Oh before I forget to add this, what kind of lighting system do you have and what kind of bulbs are you using. Low lighting at inadequate wavelengths can also stilmulate growth of nuisance algae. Dont mean to suggest you dont know this already..just trying to think of all the possibilities...Good luck!

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I just got back into saltwater reefkeeping and decided to start with a nano. I made numerous costly mistakes in the beginning but now seem to have things well under control.


I started with an Eclipse 12g saltwater system only to realize the lighting was inadequate and the built-in filtration was useless. So I ripped them off the tank and chucked them in the scrap pile.


I now use a Corallite 1x96w lighting system with the leg standoffs for my lighting system. I also purchased a Remora Skimmer for my skimming based on the fact that you can never skim too much. I bought a Lee's skimmer at first but it was preventing my lights from sitting properly on the told of the tank. Thats why I replaced it with the Remora and the tank is beautiful.


I too had a green algae problem but it was mostly because the previous skimmer wasn't skimming right. The new Remora skimmer is doing a great job and any other algae growth is quickly consumed by my snails. I have 12 snails and 5 hermits right now.


As far as livestock goes I have a True Percula Clown which resides in a Flower Pot Coral. I have a Neon Dottyback and a Pygmy Angel. I have some Xenia, a red open brain and a sebae anemone.


Water quality has been perfect. *knock on wood*




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Unfortunatly, I've had lots of algae trouble, so I know where you're coming from. If it's dark green and stringy, like a mat on the sand, then It's probably cyano, which is best treated with a chemical treatment. I would check RC for more info on this. If it's like little plant looking algae, I would use caulerpa, which quickly eats up all of the nutrients that green algae eats. I've had great luck with grape caulerpa, and although people worry about it going sexual, as long as you keep it trimmed, it usually doesn't have a problem. Cheato is safe, but very slow growing.


Skimming is great, but it didn't help at all with the cyano when I had it. I got a Remora Pro with a Mag 5, and it was WAAAAY too big for my tank, so I sold it off and am currently looking for a replacement, but the point is, it skimmed the living hell out of my tank, but still couldn't get rid of that cyanobacteria.


First step to removing the "Dark green algae" is identifying what it is.

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