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Pico Reef Tutorial


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I've read through all of the posts in this section and would very much like to try my hand at a pico reef. The problem of course is that I have no idea where to begin. I have zero aquarium experience. Can you guys point me to 1) General Salt Water Aquarium Reading and 2) Pico Related Reading / Tutorials. I have a octagonal 5 gallon that I bought from some bigbox pet store a couple of years ago. Thanks in advance.

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first if you havent already go to "information" at the top of this page and look at all the info on cycling ect, there also other nano forums like nanotank.com and reef central seem good, you could also try an image search on google for some ideas on nanos and aqua scapeing, and try the search button at the topof the page.


also your 5g would be a nano not a pico

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5g does not fall in the "pico" category. Needs to be 2.5g or less. follow the nano route, just on a smaller scale. you'll need to watch your parameters closely as a sudden spike could take its toll quickly in a 5g.

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check out some of the tank setups in the members' tank sub-forum, some of the setups go step-by-step.


you can also check out the nanocube and pico contests sub-forums in the special events forum here. same as above, there are many step-by-step setups. hth

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