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All Glass Aquarium Heater Inaccurate


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I'm cycling my tank now (as of a few days ago) and I have a 100w All Glass Aquarium heater in, but the temperature I set it to (81) is not the temperature my thermometer reads. The thermometer is a typical cheap float-in type so I wonder if it could be the thermometer but when I stuck my hand in the water it was pretty warm and the therm read about 90.


I turned the heater temp down to 75 and the tank still runs about 85.


No lights are running so that shouldn't be a factor, and I would hope that the PCs and fan it came with wouldn't be a problem anyways.


Is a 100w heater just too much for a 12 gallon (Aquapod)? Is the heater whack? Or the thermometer?


I stuck my 50w AGA heater in to see if that will produce any better luck but damn. The tank has been running hot for a few days so I hope that the cycle isn't fried.

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I'm the same guy as reefer9391

your cycle is probley toast and any hikhickers I would get a better thermo and use ur 50w I use a 50w in my 24g

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I would agree 100w way too much for a 12g. Any hitchickers probably are dead but if you read up on LR you will learn that you can buy a live piece and stick it in with dead ones and over time the live rock will seed the dead rock so don't be too bummed out. It's all trial and error.


Also I run a 100w in my 30gal.

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