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Breaking Live Rock

Sean Duclaux

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I just purchased a xenia and it was attached to piece of live rock about the size of a tree branch. Any ideas on how to "trim" it down?


I guess a hammer and chisel are an option but inside the tank? :lol:



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chisel and hammer. in my experience, LR is really porous, so the chisel goes through like butter, you may have to try a few times.

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Yep, that's how I did it. If you want to be really accurate try to score the rock where you want it break. A dremmel can come in handy for that.

Couple of things though:

1. It will smell like hell.

2. Wear gloves in case you split apart a bristle worm in the process. You never know what you might find "inside" your rock.


ps... take it out of the tank if you decide to use hammer and chisel. ;)

The other option would be a razor blade, and cut the xenia off the rock it's on.

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so chisel and hammer. Got it. But if I take it out of the tank wouldn't that damage the Xenia or do I just do it quickly? Maybe put the Xenia in a bag of water and then get to breaking the rock?

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Work quickly... it can handle being out of the tank for a few minutes.

BTW... xenia had a distinct odor to it as well. (Our tanks can really stink!)

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Xenia and SG do not often work well together. Try to pin it down to the LR, put a veil over it or wedge it into the rock work. IME xenia will attatch to rock very quickly.

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