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How to place coral..


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Hello everyone,


I'm another newbie. I just cycled my NC and am ready for some livestock. After acclimating coral to my tank, do I place them with my hands where I want them in the tank? Do I sink them a bit in the sand? Do I let them float down after acclimation to whereever they want?


I hope that I don't sound too dumb.


Thanks for any help.



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Depending on the type of coral, some do best in the sand, while others are fine on the Live Rock. You can place them w/ your hand no problem. You may have a problem w/ coral frags falling from the LR where you placed it, if so, glue it down using Cyanoacrylate Gel(gel super glue). Read up on the corals you are interested in before buying them. this way you will know where to place them according to light and water flow requirements. HTH. Welcome to N-R.com.

Edit: You won't be able to glue down soft corals like Mushrooms or Ricordia, just set them on a small piece of rock in a glass at the bottom of the tank. They will attach themselves, and you can then glue the rock they've attached to.

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