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dwarf zebra snail


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I did some research on these guys and it says that they eat algae that grows in the tank, but when I went to the pet store, I saw them eating the carcass of a dead fish.


I have one in my tank and I see him picking at stuff on the rock, so I'm assuming he's finding things to eat.


Should I add some kind of additional food for him, besides the algae that's already growing in the tank?

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"Austrocochlea porcata


The Zebra Snail, so named because of the black-and-white striped pattern often seen in this species, is extremely common and no two individuals are identical. Environmental conditions as well as diet affect the width and colouring of the stripes. The Zebra Snail is a herbivore, scraping algae off rocks with its raspy tongue or radula. At certain times of the year the algae contain a substance that the Zebra Snail excretes into its shell to form a darkened band."


They just eat algae. I guess they were snacking on the fish because there wasn't any algae. Suppose you could feed them Nori if they run out of algae.

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i'm sorry, I made a mistake, i meant to type hermit crab.


i wrote the first late at night.


thanks for the info

Well, close! :D


The crab will find enough stuff to munch on.

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