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50/50 or 10k + 03


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It's time to replace my NC 12DX bulbs. I have the stock 2 50/50 bulbs right now but would like to be able to use the 03 bulb seperately for dawn/dusk effect.

Which bulb combination do you suggest. If i do the 10k + 03 combo will I get a bluer spectrum than my current 50/50?


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i can help you with this one, i just recently done the same with my 24 gal nano cube, originally i had the 50/50 10k and 460nm blue actinic and switched to the 10k and 420nm actinic 03 with seperate bulbs for each and i must say that the colors mixed it alot better than i thought, on my set up i put the actinic in the front of the tank and the 10k towards the back, if you look really hard you can see the seperation in colors from the 2 bulbs but its not that noticeable, and the colors mix in real well, the purple from the actinic 03 really jump out as oppose to just having a blue white look from the 50/50. Over all i would go with the seperate bulbs again if i had to..



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What do your 50/50s consist of? 10000k + 7100k?


[edit] From my understanding, 10000k is more yellow-whitish. 7100k is more yellowish. A blue actinic should dominate, giving you the blue hint. So I'm thinking if you drop the 7100k, you get more blue from your actinic.

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