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My 20 long


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Here are some shots of my first attempt at saltwater, I have had freshwater tanks for years. I'm completely hooked on this hobby now!









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Thanks. You guessed it I'm a chef, it's actually Escolar in the avatar. Nothing better than relaxing in front of the reef after a hectic day at work.

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thanks folks. Drowning-I own a restaurant called Epicure in PDX. Keep trying to find money in the business budget for a huge reef tank for the bar area.

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Drowning- if you get down to PDX, stop by the restaurant!


fun stuff...our restaurant manager is trying to do the same thing in the restaurant. i can just imagine though...a huge wall of synthetic corals and rock structure surrounded by 20 fish the size of my arm! oh well....


cool beans with the restaurant, i'm the executive sous chef at the woodmark hotel...about 10 minutes east of downtown seattle.


good luck with the tank...

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