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Switching flourescants?


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Well my nano has been running for about 11 months, stocked with plenty of nice corals and inverts, but as it is with most tanks, its time to replace the tubes, unfortunatley the original 15w Marine Blue, and 15w Marine White Arcadia tubes i originally bought is not avaible near me, at the time when i bought them i was on a trip trough the city with the LFS, but since i live so far away its to expensive to go there, and the LFS wont ship tubes.


so heres my question, how much would a switch of tube brand, to a higher light spectrum affect my inhabitants? my marine white that i currently have is on 9600k, the tube in a local LFS store is 10 or 15000 k, so how would this affect my corals?

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what about 18000 Kelvins?


what im concerned about is would the corals suffer any photo shock if i suddenly switched to a higher rating tube? or is it just intensity that they react to when it comes to switching tubes?

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They might be a little shocked with the change but nothing big. They should get over it in a few days if they have any reaction.




Another question, still on the same topic thou, when i was to the LFS last weekend he offerd me a Power compact "Hagen" fixture for a fair price, 55w light output(not shure if its per tube or total) the question is, how much of a shock would it be for the corals to go from 15 to 55 watts? and if it will shock them how does one do to adapt them to a new light system?

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