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my 20 long: let me know what I can do to make it better


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Well I am about finished with my 20 long. I have apox 35lbs of lr, 20lbs ls. The lighting I chose was 3 24" t5 HO run on a workhorse 7 and ic reflectors(two 11k and one blue plus). I have a small selection of corals and 5 anemones in this tank. My rbta just decided to keep on spliting so now I have four of them. The only two fish I have is a false perc and a velvet damsel. I will eventually get skunk cleaner shrimp and emerald crab to help clean up a bit. The only sps I have in the tank seems to be doing well under the t5's so far but we will see. I am only running a wisper filter right now. I have a fake cpr bakpack but I need a mj1200 and the venturi to go with it. I am very pleased with this tank so far and I think it will make a good college tank.

Let me know what you think.

Full Tank:










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