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lgreen's Ultimate Guide To Nano Fish


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how can you ever be an expert without starting off somewhere?


some seahorses are much easier than others. You just need a seahorse specific tank.

Yeah, they kind of get attacked and stung a lot. That site is very cool though. They sell "seahorse friendly clownfish". I didn't know there were that many types of seahorses: Mustangs, Pintos (copy from real horse breeds), Pixies.... Edited by fish n' pets
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Ya he is in a pit of homework now all of them Tigah, Igreen, Koden

They will up date this later but this is the best way to add to/ revise your work he might beable to get this published in a book or something not word for word just the idea. There arent any "NANO" books are there out there I think some one should make a NANO Fish and Inverabrites reffrence book along with filtration methods and all the other jazz.

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ack, sorry, totally lost touch with the seahorse part of things. i will be writing it up soon, or if someone wants to take over, that'd be great.

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Thank you for this topic, it helped me decide the fishy I will go with when my tank is ready in a few months :).

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lgreen, i think the flame angel and at least the coral beauty should be moved up to a minimum of 25-30g. after much reading on centropyges; since im not sure my 20h is enough for even a cherub; i have learned that other angels should have even more room.



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This is a great reference! I appreciate all your hard work. Last time I was at the Aquarium, I think I remember some various species of Filefish in a reef display. They weren't mentioned at all in your guide. I'm just starting out, so I don't even know if they are very common in the hobby. But maybe someone else knows if they are available for purchase, or if any are suitable for a nano?

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Thanks for the comments.


You bring up a good point.


Most filefish get to big for a nano (anywhere from 7-14 inches). Also many filefish are rather difficult to feed.


The Saddle Filefish may be a suitible choice for a nano and there is one other one that I can't remember the name of that might work. I'll look into it when I have some more time or if someone else wants to...great.


Also I haven't forgot about the comments posted above and the PMs some of you have sent. I will do an update when school out.

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expert only, but doable in a small tank. no tankmates except for very small hermits and snails.


Can't seahorses be kept with pipefish? I may be wrong, though...

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sorry guys I never got back to you on the Seahorses. I just took my LSAT yesterday and before that I was doing nothing but studying =/


is it still needed?

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Under eels, I think the Golden Dwarf Moray (Gymnothorax melatremus) shoud be added. 10 gallon minimum, 20 ideal (although a 10 would be fine.)

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Seahorses have been added thanks to member lelualexa.


Taking a break from Nano-Reef for some time to focus on school. I will still check occasionally for PMs and emails if anyone needs anything. Later.

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Great post. Lots of good info.


Info on hawkfish:

I kept a falco hawkfish in a FOWLR 30g setup for some time. It was a very interesting fish, with lots of personality, and easy to care for... it would eat any meaty food. It had a cute habit of perching on a rock and turning its head from side to side to look around. Caution though: hawks have big mouths. Mine ate a cleaner shrimp which I thought was safe because it was twice as big as the hawk! My hawk was always the first fish to eat and was a pig. But it was somewhat agressive. At one point, I added a tomato clown to the tank, and the hawk would attack it whenever it would come near the area that the hawk considered his territory. The clown wouldn't back down easily, and quite a fight would ensue, but the hawk would always win.


I believe that most hawks can get fairly large for a nano: mine was about 1.5" when I bought it, and grew to 3" fairly quickly (max size for this fellow). Other hawks get up to 5". Based on my experience, I would class hawkfish as good beginner fish, but would say they shouldn't be added to a small tank, and they shouldn't be added in with any smaller fish or crustations.

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