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What a difference 30 degrees makes!

Twins Guy

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i tend to get longwinded-not printerdown longwinded (j/k dude!)-but if you're into great zoos and service, Alife 7s, and sexy shrimp i think it will be worth your time to read on.

SO...its as cold as _____(insert your favorite simile) up here on the tundra-maybe winter finally has arrived-although the lead story on the big city news the other night was about all the icefishing shacks sinking-only in minnesota! last time it was this cold was...well november, for a couple unfortunate days. and i had just placed my first order from the logical reef...so after a couple fedex snafoos my package finally arrived on the coldest day of the year. after riding around in the back of an unheated truck for 8 hours+, severe damage was done. i think the cryogenically preserved critters have just now defrosted. african cichlids don't even like this kind of hard water. i suspect anti-freeze proteins and sugars helped to save a couple of these corals. needless to say i was bummed. so was bryan-proprietor of the logical reef. in spite of circumstances beyond his control (can we all agree that bryan is not God-just something close to it?) bryan made sure there was a happy ending to this story.

SO...the other day, without hesitation i placed my second order from bryan. that's where the title comes in. this time my order, AND THEN SOME, arrived happily at a toasty 65 degrees-nasa hasn't invented insulation that'll protect you (or you corals) from this kinda cold X)-so i was impressed! after three plus hous of drip acclimating i was greeted by a bunch of beautiful happy zoos. it took months for the frozen guys to recover to this stage. one of bryan's first squamosas accompanied my zoos in the new shipment and extended his mantle within seconds of entering my tank. i couldn't be happier with the product bryan provides, or the service and integrity he displayed. i just wanted to say kudos...thanks! and give bryan the biggest vote of confidence. i highly recommend bryan if you're looking for killer zoos or other critters as his niche expands. for the good of our hobby we need to support businesses like bryan's. all indications are that we are (sold out of zoos, again! doh!-and bryan sounds busier than ever). keep it up b! much luv



some pics to follow!

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until i added an ocellaris clown yesterday this alife 7 had been home to only the three sexy shrimp and a diverse clean up crew. i want to keep an eye on them, especially with squammy cuz they're a lil ruff with some of the SPS in the tank. in fact they harvested polyps from a small raspberry pocillopora for dinner (**consider yourselves warned**). now they sleep in another acro frag. anyways...sorry bout the glare and or reflection in a couple of these pics!

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What a good feeling these reports give me. Thanks so much Rich, I truly appreciate the nice words and the oppurtunity to fix what the first cold snap on the Tundra froze. :)


If anyone has a chance to trade or do business with Rich, you won't be disappointed. Very good communications and a super nice guy.


Peace, Bryan

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