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[Open] Maxvan1

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Well I decied to switch from stock to open, stock competition was to tough! Here is my first thread. I also am going to add a heater in a few days.



Anyways... here is my tank in order, earliest to latest. My cammera is very bad, but the pictures are "OK".


Day 1



day 3

This is the best picture for showing the rockwork. You can see how the sand is above the rock, giving it the ledge/cave like apearance. I think that turned out great, and my rockwork is probably the best thing about this tank. I would like to do this with a 20L or maybe a custom 20 (so its not as tall) and have the sand actually come out of the water. anyways... the pictures.






Then I started to add some corals- (Couple weeks, maybe 2?)




And now this. But these pictures are terrable, But they show how much everything has grown up. I dont remember but I think I took them about 30 minutes after the lights came on, and I had just fed, so everything was a bit closed. But you can get the picture...


(this view is from my computer)



This is This is a cool mushroom... It has blue stripes from the front, but yellow-bown from the top, very strange...



These are my favorite. Orange from the front, and orange, with green stripes from the top. Anyone know why topshots give differnt colors? I know this picture is just after being fed (others next to it still closed, and when they are closed the bottom actually has a blue-tint.)


(picture at couple of weeks)



(and now, there are about 4 new mushrooms from this, I never fragged it, just moved the babies, two are on the left side of the computer shot, they are closed at the top left, behind red one)



This is a picture showing that blue-tint, also shows the health a bit better (dont know why, but to me the pevious picture looks like they are not doing good, but they are :) ) It also shows some of those red mushrooms, they are the "main" mushroom in there, there is probably 5-decent sized ones, and another 4-smaller ones.




And this loast shot is of a redish-color mushroom, it is pretty plain from the front, but had blue spots from the top, another one of those weird top pictures.





And that is my ten pictures.


I think my tank is very original in the aquascaping, and also very natural looking. When I started this tank I had one thing in mind, natural looks. In nature you dont really see many "PPE"s or see a frogspawn next to a ricordea(or I havnt at least :P ). I decied to keep it all mushrooms, and only a couple of colors, mostly the browns, reds, oranges, ect.


I got my idea of aquascaping from the LFS, I bought a bag of sand when I bought the tank and the guy said somthing like this "Just use half the bag, or you will fill that tank all the way up. hehe" (I'm 14, so I guess they kinda just assume that I dont know that? lol). So that kinda triggered my mind, and I though that would be kinda cool, the sand above the rock, and ended up pouring the whole 20 lb bag in there. I have a big sand crew to keep it clean, but I do stir up the top layer to keep it nice and white.


All the mushrooms came from my other tank, so did the life rock, and cleanup crew... Almost everything did excpet the sand... and even so I put some sand from my other tank in there.



In the future I would really like to upgrade to a 20L, like I said earlier, and keep with the same sand concept. I think I would also like to add a fish (to the 20L), perhaps the yellowhead jaw fish that I wanted to add earlier. I also need somthing to eat the pods, they are taking over (I turn on the lights and its like a swarm. lol)


Hope you liked my tank,




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This is MUCH better. Still not great, but ten times better imo.


Full tank shot as of 12/7




Red mushrooms.











DONE. if anyone wants to request a shot before the contest ends that would be great. Hope we could use more then 10 pictures? :X

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