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New Logical Reef Zoos & Rics

Christopher Marks

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Christopher Marks

My stash...err...shipment of Logical Reef zooanthids and ricordea arrived today!


Here they are floating around in their lovely little bags.




Yeah...that's 16 bags :woot: No...I'm not addicted! I don't have any problem at all! I can stop whenever I want to....yea..that's it... X)


I'll get some photos later tonight of the new arrivals in the tanks. I'm going to disperse them throughout the 15 and 7.5 :D


I must say, Bryan's packaging was excellent! The corals were around 70 F when they arrived, after spending the night in 20 F weather.

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lol, thats an awesome pic! I need that blown up to make T-shirts with.


"It's not the size of the tank, it's how many bags you can float in it!"


Peace, Bryan

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